you say look at her 

she has cellulite and 

roundness in her belly 


you —with optimism  

state “women can be 

beautiful without 



you do not know how much 


i wish to be full 

of something other 

than self-loathing 


you do not know 

i eat numbers and 

oleander emotions 

why would i mention

that your hope is not

applicable to me 


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"I’ll say it again. I have PTSD due to online harassment and cyberstalking - basically because I was a feminist on the Internet."

Well world, I’m not too sure what to think about Melody Hensley saying she has PTSD from online stalking and harassment…

It took me awhile to even be okay with mentioning this because I’m not usually the type to contribute to conversations that I am not thoroughly educated about.

I am deciding to speak up anyways because I struggle with PTSD and I know people as well as have family members who struggle/have struggled with PTSD. 

Personally I find it extremely off-putting that someone would start and then continue a conversation about this subject the way she has.

An example of what I mean by that is this: she said, ”I’ll say it again. I have PTSD due to online harassment and cyberstalking - basically because I was a feminist on the Internet.”

In my opinion:

1) She sounds hostile and defensive already. 

2) The whole “basically because I was a feminist on the Internet” should maybe not have even been there, and especially not when it’s worded like that. 

SOLUTION: rephrase or reword the message and it wouldn’t have been so offensive.

I agree that both harassment and cyber stalking can be upsetting and traumatizing. It’s not my place to judge whether she has PTSD or not. 

I just fucking despise the way she brought it up. 


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Hi everyone. I wanted to let you all know that I took down quite a bit of my writing. (I had about 150 posts before tonight and now I am down to about 100.)

I’m hoping that this will mark a new era in my poetry; now more than ever my main focus will be on learning precision and refinement. (Ooh I can’t wait to read awesome literary magazines and books and books and books…!)

If you can’t view something you liked, just send me as much information about the poem as you can in a fan mail message (this is important because I want to keep track of who asks for what) and I will get back to you within a couple of days. 

Also, and I will try to mention it in my personal reply, please do not republish my poem in any form unless you have my express permission to do so beforehand. 

Thank you!! :)

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Excuse me now while I go cry. I’ve always wanted to send an essay to The New York Times and I can’t because I’m not applying to college this year. I guess lots of literary magazines will have to do. :)

Hey translationsoftheinvisible »I’m writing you this way because your ask box keeps saying I have a link in my message >=[ lol

So I’m referring to the “Visions of College, Colored by Money” college admissions essays.The closest I found to the rules for submission was a line that said something like “open to seniors who have applied for college”.  I think they would have other contests were they accept writing from people who are not in school, but it seems that there are many missed opportunities if you don’t follow the traditional flow of attending college right after high school. (Could just be me though..)

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  • Anonymousbut lolita is written by a white man and it recounts the story of a young girl experience-doesn't that defeat your attempt at trying to read minorities or women?
  • Yes it does. On the other hand though, if I can’t read about the subjects that I want to read about, then I want to go with a book that will give me strong emotions because it will be easier to write about.

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So I have to read a Times Best 100 book.

I’ve read quite a few (ya’ know the regulars: Lord of the Files, Persuasion, Animal Farm, The Catcher in the Rye, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, Are You There God, It’s Me Margret, Catch-22, Their Eyes Were Watching God, To Kill a Mockingbird, Grapes of Wrath, The Great Gatsby, Gone With the Wind, The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, Lord of the Rings, and 1984.)

At this point I’m clueless as to what would be interesting subject content though? Honestly I’d really prefer if there was more diversity in the writers. To be blunt a few more women and minorities..

The reason I want this, if you’re interested, is because there are certain struggles, cultures, experiences, that white men (meh, sorry to single one group out) haven’t really, or possibly couldn’t, tap into.  

I have two possible choices so far: Invisible Man and Lolita

Invisible Man for obvious reasons and Lolita because 1) I’ve heard about this book and seen it romanticized for far too long and I want to be able to have my own opinion on it. 2) Even if I find it creepy (which I most likely will) at least I will have an opinion on it and that will make it easier to write about it. 

If you have any ideas feel free to shoot them at me :)

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Poetry Help Needed

I’ve hit such a rut with my poetry!

I know a strength of mine is being able to create decent imagery. But lately that seems to be the only thing that is present in my poetry.

Gone are the harsh conclusions that hit you in the gut and make you question the poem in its entirety. (This is what I strive towards; I’ve never fully attained it.)

UGH! My poetry desperately needs a resurrection…

Any advice, whether on anonymous or not, is very much appreciated.  

»Update: So I’m thinking maybe while I’m riding this little speed bump I should try to edit my older poems. (I never edit them before I put them on here.) 


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